Frequently asked questions and answers

1. The date of arrival and departure
- You are strongly advised that during the month of July and August for your date of arrival and departure should choose Saturday (during the 7, 14, 21 or 28 days).
- 75% of the accommodation capacities during the month of July and August can be booked only from one Saturday to another Saturday during a month.
- You’ll find a greater number of accommodation facilities and a higher offer on the Web - calendar when you search among accommodation units, and when you choose the departure and arrival dates, and then choose the Saturday.
- If you select the date of arrival and departure to be some other date during the week, other than Saturday, the amount of available, free apartments will be reduced, and offer of such accommodations facilities will not be visible.
- If you want to see and check the complete offer, then for the arrival and departure dates select Saturday.

2. How do I find the accommodation facilities on the site?
a) To search, use the search engine in the left corner of the Website or by clicking on the advanced search engine.
b) Click in the field and select in the calendar your arrival date.
c) Click in the field and select your arrival date.
d) Select the city (travel destination in its sole discretion).
e) Select the number of people including children.
f) Click on search and wait from 1 - 15 seconds so that can be displayed to you the free accommodation facilities within the required period.

3. What are the Voucher / Referral?
- Voucher / Referral represent a confirmation that you have booked accommodation through our agency.
On the voucher are indicated and contained all the data:
a) Name of the agency.
b) Address of the agency.
c) Name and surname of the guests who had booked the accommodation.
d) The amount of the advance payment, if had been paid.
e) The remaining amount to be paid at the time of departure.
f) Date of arrival.
g) Date of departure.
h) ID number of accommodation facility.
i) The object ID number.

4. When I proceeded with an advance payment, what should I do next?
- When you make a payment in advance it is necessary to check your E - mail address.
-  The output account and Voucher / Referral have been sent to your E – mail address. 
- In the case you didn’t receive the documents in your E - mail box, please check the ‘undesired mail or spam’ folder.
- If the documents have not reached your E – mail address within 48 hours, please do contact us at, and post a complaint that you have not received Vouchers -referral yet.

5. On which address I have to turn to?  
- On your Voucher / Referral is indicated the address of the travel agency where you should turn to, when you’ve arrived. Please, come to the travel agency office so we can accommodate you in the accommodation facility you have previously booked.

6. In what time we can enter the accommodation facility?
- You arrival will be usually checked between 12 - 14 h (each unit has differently scheduled arrival time; all it says in the description of the accommodation facility)
- Departure from the accommodation facility is from 8 - 10 h (each unit has differently scheduled arrival time; all it says in the description of the accommodation facility)

7. Where can I get the key from the accommodation facility?
- First, you have to come to the agency indicated in the Voucher. You will get your from us or you will get it directly in contact with the owner; all the information and details you will receive in the office.

8. What do I need from the documents?
- It is necessary to bring with you Voucher that was sent to your email.
- Voucher is a confirmation with all of the information’s.
- Travel documents (ID card, passport), in some states the VISA is also required; please do check all of the above information’s before booking and your departure.

9. To whom I’ll pay the remaining amount?
- The remaining amount you’ll pay in our office after your arrival. You’ll receive the receipt for amount paid in our agency or the accommodation facility.