In our offer there are two buttons, i.e. the two options available to you:

a) The first button: 'BOOK NOW'
- This option gives you an opportunity of automatic booking of the accommodation facility, i.e. an on-line payment with your credit cards.
- If this button is missing on our Website or it does not exist, it means that you cannot automatically and independently book your accommodation; you have to use another button, 'Send inquiry'.
- Using of button 'Book now' means the card payment option. You can automatically book your accommodation through our credit card payment system. It is necessary to fill the reservation form and make a certain advance payment; the remaining amount you'll pay when you arrive in the accommodation facility or in the Agency.

- Once you have completed the payment through our credit card system and book your accommodation, then you'll automatically receive an output account to your E - mail address in the name of the payer and the Voucher. On the account is indicated how much you've paid in advance while the rest pay you'll pay when you come to us, and for that amount you will also receive the account. Voucher is confirmation that you have booked your accommodation on our Website.
- In Voucher are indicated all the data, and the remaining amount that you have to pay when you get into the accommodation facility or our Agency.

b) The second button: 'SEND REQUEST'
- Using of this button does not generate the automatic booking. When you submit a request, it does not mean that you have booked accommodation. Accommodation facilities that do not contain the option 'BOOK NOW' means that you cannot automatically book your accommodation, for it is necessary to send the request, and at that moment we as an agency have to check 100% availability of accommodation facilities during the specified period, or to offer to you an alternative accommodation, during similar or the same period.

- When you click on the button SEND INQUIRY you'll need to fill in the contact form and afterwards click to send the form, and then you will get a response to your E - mail address, provided that accommodation was 100 % available during the specified period, when you as a customer had put your accommodation request.
- If the accommodation is free for the required period, it is necessary to make an advance payment. You can pay on - line through our on - line credit card payment offer or within 24 hours at the bank.
- If you pay your accommodation expenses by the money order at the bank, then it's required within 24 hours to make a payment and send a payment receipt to our e-mail address: , and the title of the message should read, THE PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. 
- Once we receive confirmation of payment, Voucher - a final confirmation of your booking will be sent to your E - mail address.

- During filling the contact form you should be careful how you write your E - mail address. An E - mail must be properly written.
- If the E - mail was not properly written output account and Voucher will not be sent to your E - mail address.
- The probability is only 1% of the possible 100% of cases to make a booking cancellation.
- If this has happened we will offer to you an alternative accommodation, and if you didn't find your accommodation convenient, we will cancel the payment and return the amount, that will be paid on your account.