1.    General provisions

These General Terms and Conditions imposed on travelling are part of the Contract or Voucher, for the services for which were concluded between S.D.I. SERVICES Ltd. (hereinafter: the Agency) and the travel contractor. All data and conditions consisted in the program and these General Terms binds the Agency and the traveller, if the Contract does not define differently. By clicking on the button it is considered that the guest i.e. the traveller has accepted the conditions and regulations of this Website, and he has no right to a subsequent appeal.

2.    Content of the offer 

The Agency agrees to ensure the accommodation in the leased accommodation facilities during the booked period, except in case of exceptional circumstances (force majeure, illness or death of the host or his immediate family; circumstances which cannot be predicted or eliminated such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts), wars, strikes, terrorist actions and limitations issued by the government (mobilization, country exit ban)

3.    Inquiries and the booking

Inquiries and booking of accommodation are received electronically. By the completed advance payment or the full cost of the booked accommodation, traveller confirms that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, which he had previously carefully studied, and that he fully accepts the Terms although perhaps, the Terms have not been written in his mother tongue. On this way, everything stated in the General Terms becomes legally binding both for the traveller and for the Agency.

During the booking process the traveller is obligated to provide all information required for the booking procedure. For the booking service to be made from the traveller is required to pay an amount in advance payment, depending on the payment method, while the remaining amount will be paid on the spot upon guest's arrival at the agency, or the accommodation facility.

When you pay with your credit card – we will debit your card for the amount stated in HRK, according to the foreign exchange rate of the 'Zagrebačka banka', or the bank with which our agency cooperates on the day when the card was debited. There may be differences between the exchange rate of the 'Zagrebačka banka' and the guest's credit card company. All bank charges and other costs that occur will be paid by the customer, passenger or guest who performed the payment.

4.    Prices

Prices that are published on the Website www.apartmani-crikvenica.com vary from facility to facility, and are shown for each accommodation facility separately. The prices include: daily rental of the accommodation facilities, expenditures for the usual ratio of consumption (of the electricity, water, gas)
All listed prices are valid for stays longer than four nights. If the stay should last less than four nights, the price will be increased by 30%.

Prices of the accommodation facilities are quoted in Euros. The Agency reserves the right to change the prices in the case of price changes by the service providers. If the prices of accommodation facilities have changed after the application has been done, but before the advance payment took place, the agency shall, immediately after inform the customer about it, and with his consent, to send a new account to the traveller.

In case of price change after the advance payment had been made, the agency will guarantee that the remaining amount the guest will pay in accordance to the calculation based on which the guest previously had decided to book the chosen accommodation facility.

Prices listed in our offers and programs are based on a contract basis with the owners and our partners (agencies) and do not necessarily match the prices on the spot in the accommodation facility where the traveller resides, and for any difference in price cannot be the subject of a complaint.

If in the booked accommodation facility has come more people than it was indicated on the travel documents (Voucher), the service provider has the right to withhold service to the unannounced travellers or to offer the accommodation for all the travellers with supplement paying of the unannounced travellers on the spot.

5.    Categorization and service description

The accommodation facilities are described in accordance to the official categorization of the authorized institution, and based on the actual state of the accommodation facilities at the time of publication. The standards for the accommodation, food, services, etc. in certain places and countries are different and not comparable.

On the day of arrival, the guests should arrive in the accommodation facility after 14:00, while on the day of departure; the guests should leave the accommodation facility before 10.00. The service provider should prepare the accommodation unit within the 4 hours for the arrival of the new guests.
The handover of the keys of the booked accommodation facilities shall proceed in the facility or in the Agency by the service provider.

6.    Obligations of the Agency

The Agency is responsible for providing services and the choice of service providers, while respecting the rights and interests of travellers, in accordance with the common law in tourism. The agency will fulfil all the stated obligations in full and as described above, except in extraordinary circumstances.

7.    Guest’s obligations

For the guest is required:
• To possess valid travel documents.
• Respect the customs and foreign currency regulations of the destination.
• Obey the house rules in accommodation facilities and to cooperate with service providers in a good manner.

• Upon arrival to its destination, they shall handover Voucher to the service provider with the correct number of people and type of services that should be provided. (Voucher that they received by E -mail)
• The customer is required to check whether for his entry into the country or the neighbouring countries a visa shall be required.

• Upon arrival in the accommodation facility guests should arrive after 14:00, while on the day of departure they should leave the accommodation facility before 10.00.
In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveller shall bear the costs and he will be responsible for the damage done. By booking confirmation, the traveller shall agree that if any damage to the service provider should occur he shall pay for all the caused damage on the spot to the service provider.

8.    Traveller's right to changes and cancellation of booking

If the customer wants to cancel a booking, it must do so in writing or by E - mail, i.e. filling in the contact form on our Website.
The date when the agency has received a written notice of cancellation is the basis for the calculation of costs in the following manner:
• For cancellation up to 30 days before arrival, traveller will be charged 40% of the total booking cost.
• For cancellation from 29 -1 5 days before arrival date, with 50% of the total booking cost.
• The cancellation 14 - 8 days before arrival will be charged 60% of the booking cost.
• For cancellation 7 - 0 days before arrival will be charged 80% of the total booking cost.

a)    If the traveller has to cancel his booking within the 7 days before the service, the Agency offers the possibility of finding a new traveller / user for the same booking, if possible (this depends on the service provider). New booking user assumes all obligations under these General Terms and Conditions.

b)    If the traveller does not appear until 20:00 on the arrival date, and subsequently didn’t inform the Agency or the service provider, the reservation will be cancelled and cancellation fees will be charged as described above.

c)    If the traveller wants to leave the accommodation facility early he will be obligated to pay the full amount without the right of appeal and no right to a refund. The traveller will pay the full amount booked through the Website, for the time period from date to date.

d)    If the traveller dislikes the booked accommodation and wishes to depart from some certain reasons of his, which the Agency cannot correct or fix, for the customer will be required to pay the total costs of the booked facility.

9.    Luggage and personal belongings

The Agency is not responsible for the theft of the luggage or valuables in the accommodation facility. Lost or stolen property is reported to the service provider and the local police department.

10.    The Agency's right to changes and cancellations

The Agency reserves the right to change the booking in case of circumstances that cannot be predicted, avoided or rectified. Booked accommodation can be substituted only with a prior notification to the customer and the placement of the guest in the same or higher category of accommodation, and at the price at which the traveller has a confirmed reservation.

In the case the Agency will not be able to make a substitute for the paid accommodation for the traveller; the Agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior notice to the customer, at least 7 days before the beginning of the service, and to guarantee a full refund of the amount paid. In the event of cancellation by the Agency, traveller has no right to claim damages from the Agency; the Agency is only obligated to refund the amount paid to the Agency.

11.    Resolving a complaint

Every guest - contractor has the right to object to the accommodation unit if the following occurs:
a) An untidy accommodation facility.
b) If the accommodation facility is not part of an object that can be seen on a photographs.
c) If the accommodation facility is missing something that was stated in the description.
Each guest - contractor has no right to object if the following occurs:
a) He did not read all the texts and descriptions that are listed in the profile of the accommodation facility.
b) He did not look all the photos.
c) If he does not like accommodation units and seek a refund.
d) If upon arrival the guest at a later estimate that the true measured values does not suit him, such as: distance from the sea, distance from the beach, etc.

If the customer has grounds for complaint, the Agency and the service provider are required to explain, help the customer and resolve the complaint. If the agency and the service provider rectify problems, and a guest still does not suit such a situation, guest has no right to a refund of advance payment and a total refund, and the costs of accommodation facility he must pay in full. When the guest has paid the total cost of the accommodation facility, he is not required to reside in it unless he wants to.

12.    Protection of personal data

Privacy policy serves primarily for the protection of privacy of our users.
In case you’ve decided to use some of our services, it is necessary to leave the required personal information’s in order to complete your booking and to lease asked service, but your personal data will remain maximally protected, and they will be exclusively used for the process of providing the requested service.

We would like to emphasize that we collect only information that we need to complete our procedure of booking of our services, and during that process we use only information’s that we have received from you.
Travel agency ‘S.D.I. SERVICES Ltd.’ may disclose personal information only in the event that it is required by the law or court decision, and if there is a need to protect the personal safety of the guest or the public.

13.    Remark

Traveller by confirming the booking service and with the advance payment will accept the above conditions.

14.    Court jurisdiction

Traveller and the Agency will aim to settle possible law suits during the application of the agreement amicably, otherwise they’ll be subjected to the decision of the competent court in Crikvenica, and the applicable law will be the Croatian law.