The Payment Methods

Payment systems:
1. Using the credit cards on - line, directly through our portal (Website).
2. Using the credit cards, via the link that we shall send to you, included in your offer. You need to click on the link and proceed with the payment.
3. Using the Internet Banking.
4. Payment that are done directly in a bank or other institution by which is possible to make payment abroad, i.e. on our account number.

- For each accommodation facility exists different conditions, an amount of the advance payment differs from the each accommodation facility by a certain percentage (%)
- The amount of the advance payment ranges from 10 - 50%, and the remaining amount are paid when you arrive at your accommodation facility or in our office.
- Send a request for accommodation that you want to book, and you will receive an answer and the offer within 24 hours to your E – mail address. Please make sure that you take care when you write your E - mail address; your E - mail address must be written correctly, otherwise you will not receive our E – mail with the accommodation offer.